Our History

Pancea is a group of professionals in various fields with 20 years of experience and the goal of updating and enhancing the fishery industry. Currently, Pansea is capable of producing, processing and exporting aquatic using the latest technologies and infrastructure.


• Using up-to-date, scientific process as well as moment-to-moment customer support with ERP software, we have been able to provide our customers with the best product quality, along with the most complete documentation on each product.


Our Products

Currently,Pansea is capable of supply- ing a variety of seafood products. Some products we have had a lot of experi- ence of exporting


Our Technology

All work steps are controlled and monitored by the Pansea proprietary ERP system from the beginning of farming until the product reaches the customer.
In this software, all the quality control tests are recorded and analyzed by experts over different time periods using tools and trained technicians to get the best results on the quality of your product.


Our clients can be informed of work steps with this system and exchange all the documentation they need.


Our Facilities

Pansea’s head office is located in Tehran. Also, due to the need to be present in the offshore areas, it has estab- lished offices in Bushehr, Bandar Abbas, Minab and Tiab, where native and non-native specialists and staff are working to further the company's goals.

North and South Tiab, Sirik, Chabahar are shrimp farms operating under the supervision of Pansea Company.

Modern and up-to-date cold stores in Bandar Abbas, Tayab, Sirik and Chabahar


Fishing ships on the waters of the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea

Our Offices

For many years, we have set up offices with partner companies in various areas to facilitate business in the region, due to the high level of business exchange. These countries are :

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide the best prod- uct to keep the trust of our customers.
Using secure logistics as well as upgrading hardware and software systems are the things we are looking for to provide the best service to our customers.

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About Us

“PanSea.Co” is Business network composed of several companies, farms, processing and cold storage, which is equipped with the best facilities and the best quality standards of the worlds' doing. All stages of producing high quality seafood, from harvsesting of shrimp and fish to export in the field, all done in under the supervision of our company to ensure the customers that they got the best quality from iranian waters. 

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Main Office : 
Unit 8, No. 15 (hormozan tower)
Sepidar st., Saadat abaad, Tehran, Iran

Phone: +98 21 22 370 561

Email : Info@pansea.co

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