A recent workshop hosted by Seafish, the United Kingdom’s industry authority on seafood, introduced the concept of a social license to operate in the seafood industry; what it means, why individuals and organizations should embrace it, and how it can help to boost sales.

A significantly lower projected Alaska salmon run, along with pressure on farmed Chilean salmon, is pushing up prices for Copper River salmon.

Predictions for the Alaska salmon harvest expect a 40 percent reduction in catch this year, falling to 161 million fish, primarily due to the significant decrease projected for pink salmon. The Copper River region, which began fishing on 16 May, has an average forecast of 2.3 million sockeye salmon with a common property harvest of 1.7 million.

In the June 23 SeafoodSourcewebinar, “Asia Rising: Discovering Seafood Trends and Opportunities Beyond the Headlines," a participant commented, “I'd be interested to know what are the main commercial ports (for seafood) in both Japan and China – and whether the fishing or cargo vessels landing there are usually national vessels or foreign.” This commentary seeks to answer that question as it related to Japan.

The referendum that saw the United Kingdom vote to exit the European Union has brought considerable uncertainty and volatility to the country, region and world. There’s little doubt that the seafood industry will be strongly affected by the electorate’s Brexit decision. Here are five essential questions the U.K. seafood industry must consider post-Brexit.

Over the last two years, the United Kingdom has seen a strong resurgence in its eating out of home (OOH) consumption, which has been buoyed by solid GDP growth and the considerable diversity that now exists in the country’s restaurant scene. Finally, it seems seafood has started to benefit from this foodservice upswing with spend and the number of servings up this year. Seafood is also growing faster than other proteins.

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