The Chinese seafood market is booming, and the demand for imported seafood is also growing rapidly. China has a long history of eating seafood, especially for coastal residents, seafood has always been an indispensable component of a complete dining-table. After China’s reform and opening-up, an active import of foreign seafood began. Back then, imported seafood was considered novel and luxury. However, seafood is now accessible to the Chinese mass market. With China’s economy growing and people’s quality of life elevating, the seafood market has expanded continuously, e.g. the sales quantity of processed seafood, including chilled, frozen and shelf-stable seafood, shows a steady growth since 2012.

Sales of Processed Seafood in China

The credit of Chinese seafood market’s growth can go to rising per capita disposable income in China and improved life quality, both in rural and urban areas. In 2017, the disposable income of national residents has achieved a 7.3% year-on-year growth. This means, more consumers are able to afford seafood, even in inland rural areas.

 Seafood Market in China



Chinese seafood consumers want it all: Health, Freshness and Taste

China has a rich catering culture and a long food-therapy history, Chinese people deeply believe in the relation of what they put in mouth and their health condition. In recent years, environmental pollution and food safety have been seen as crucial issues, imported seafood is often considered more nutritious and safer due to the water quality and stricter quality control. Consumers are becoming more and more aware of the health benefits of seafood, such as the high amount of unsaturated fatty acids.


“Besides pork and egg, seafood has become an important source of protein for Chinese consumers, which influences the consumption structure in China”, says Mike Vinkenborg, project leader of Daxue consulting.


Although the health factor plays an important role of Chinese dining table, taste cannot be compromised. As we can see from the comments on Chinese popular e-commerce platforms, positive feedback coming from seafood buyers mainly focuses on deliciousness and freshness, while negative feedback is usually about safety issues.


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