Zebra shark

Zebra shark

Family name


English name

Zebra shark

Persian name

Kooseh -e- goor -e- khari


  • A large shark.
  • Nostrils close to front of snout, with short barbells and nasoral grooves connecting them with the mouth.
  • Without circumnasial grooves.
  • Mouth short, teeth small, with moderately long medial cusp and cusp lets on sides. Two dorsal fins, second dorsal fin half the size of first or less. Caudal fin nearly or quite half of total length.
  • Young have the back dark brown or blackish, with vertical yellow bars.
  • Adults with scattered dark spots on a yellowish background.
  • Maximum size: possible 354 cm.


The Persian Gulf and the Sea of Oman.

Zebra shark

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